Placeholder ImageOur Business Process Explained

We start by asking basic information about your organization and its’ goals for the project.

After evaluating your goals, brainstorming, and rough planning,  we’ll arrange a conference call to discuss in more detail.

We will provide a rough budgetary quote, itemizing what assets and work the project requires. A follow-up call will finalize the scope of the project and the responsibilities of C.Joseph Media.

A formal proposal will be provided with an outline of work to be done and the time allotted to complete the steps in the project.

Once the proposal is accepted, and a deposit is received, C.Joseph Media will begin scheduling based on the events outlined in the proposal.

Placeholder ImageOur Production Process Explained

Building on the proposal, we will collaborate and finalize, as much as possible, the creative work plan. This could include scripts, locations, sets, talent, music, model releases, location releases, etc..

Shooting on location will be coordinated with your schedule and the needs of the project in mind.  We generally start with B-roll to get a feel for the location, then move to interview shots, then back to B-roll to support the interview dialog, if necessary.

Once location shooting is complete, a rough edit to audition music, dialog audio will be enhanced, and color grading will be completed. Voiceovers and studio work will be completed. A review copy will be released for comment.

A final edit will be made and the media will be optimized and delivered in the designated format.